Victrola Stream Carbon is one of a kind; unlike other turntables, it integrates Sono streaming. But can it deliver, and what else sets it apart from others? I conduct a thorough review of the unit to determine whether you should include it in your ‘to buy’ list.

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Victrola Stream Carbon Turntable Overview

Victrola Stream Carbon is a classic design turntable that provides modern convenience. It comes with an adjustable tonearm with a counterweight, 2-speed options, and an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, among others. Priced at about $657.66, the turntable promises to deliver quality sound and aesthetics. Customer reactions related to this unit’s efficiency are mixed. Those who praise it express satisfaction with ease of use and connectivity, while some disgruntled users complain about its faulty stylus and poor sound quality.

Technical Specifications

The turntable has the following specifications:

  • Works with Sonos
  • Ortofon 2M Red cartridge
  • 45 RPM Adaptor
  • Built-in Phono Preamp
  • Stereo RCA output
  • Silicone slipmat
  • 2-speed (33 1/3 and 45 rpm)
  • Low-resonance veneered MDF plinth
  • Carbon fiber tonearm 
  • Removable headshell
  • Adjustable counterweight

I commend Victrola for including some useful features in this turntable. The Ortofon 2M Red cartridge is a good example. This component is known for producing the warm and vibrant sound that vinyl lovers treasure. It also offers a wireless listening experience on your Sonos system through your Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth. That will provide a higher-quality signal, except if you have an unreliable home network. Moreover, you will love the removable shell as it allows you to upgrade the cartridge or the stylus if you want.

Victrola Stream Carbon Turntable Drive Mechanism

This unit applies the belt-drive mechanism to operate. As such, the motor, situated off to the side of the platter, spins the platter through an elastic belt. This setup assists in isolating the platter from motor vibrations and potentially contributes to improved sound quality with minimal noise and interference. However, I am afraid that the slow start-up time associated with belt drives may be pronounced in this turntable. This is because users have complained about sluggish platter speed, slowdowns at both 33 and 45 RPMs, outright speed distortion, motor hesitation, and more.

Is Victrola Stream Carbon Turntable Automatic or Manual?

Stream Carbon is semi-automatic, providing automatic and manual features. While it requires manual queueing (placing the tonearm on the record yourself), the turntable also has an auto-stop feature that automatically stops once your record finishes playing. So, you don’t have to rush across the room to prevent the needle from banging into the edge of the runout groove.

Usability and Portability of Victrola Stream Carbon Turntable

Installing and operating this device is not complicated. The Victrola Stream app simplifies setup and adjustments. Moreover, the components are user-friendly; you can get it to play your records with minimal hassle.

The turntable is lightweight, so it’s easy to carry around. However, I don’t think the manufacturer considered portability when creating it. The unit lacks an in-built battery to power it on the go, a carry handle, and other features that make transportation easy.

Victrola Stream Carbon Turntable Design & Build

Stream Carbon generally feels well made. The veneered low-resonance MDF plinth with a modern black and silver finish gives it a sleek look that can add beauty to any space. The front features a single control knob on one end and the Victrola logo on the other. An LED-illuminated indication ring is included in the knob, where various colors and flashing patterns signify different status modes. 

The dust cover is just weird. Instead of having the usual raised cover, it just sits directly on the platter when closed and extends over the tonearm like a hood. It’s still a mystery why Victrola doesn’t use a more conventional hinged cover that would cover the entire surface and still be used when records are playing.

Connectivity & Sound Performance of Victrola Stream Carbon Turntable: Generally good but…

The turntable offers various connectivity options. It includes a stereo RCA with a built-in phono preamp for the traditional AUX connection. If you have Sono speakers, you can wirelessly connect them to the turntable through a Wi-Fi network. An Ethernet port is also available in case you need it.  

Sound performance is generally good. This can be mainly attributed to the Ortofon cartridge that generates clean, balanced, and detailed sound. The Victrola app can also help you adjust the bass and treble levels how you want. Notably, a significant number of users have raised concerns about Stream Carbon’s sound quality, so I cannot ignore this. They say it plays unstably, doesn’t hold a pitch, and is warped. While these issues may be genuine, it’s possible they were brought about by incorrect setup, improper cart alignment, poor record quality, etc.

Main Technology Perks of Victrola Stream Carbon Turntable

The turntable supports Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows you to stream records wirelessly to Sono speakers. Having a built-in phono preamp means you can connect the unit to powered speakers without needing an external amplifier with a phono input. The inclusion of semi-automatic features provides a balance between traditional turntable operation and convenience.


Stream Carbon is priced at $657.99, which I think is pretty expensive for first-timers.

How to Setup & Use Victrola Stream Carbon Turntable?

There are several steps you need to take to set up and use the turntable. They are described in detail below:

  1. Installing this unit is done through the Victrola app, so download it first and ensure you have all the components listed inside the setup guide within the app.
  2. Place the platter on the unit.
  3. Fit the belt over the motor spindle and place the slip mat over the platter.
  4. Attach the headshell by pressing it on the front side of the tonearm and rotating the collar counterclockwise to secure it. Remove the stylus guard from the headshell.
  5. Slide the counterweight to the proper groove on the tonearm, tighten it up, and set the anti-skate gauge.
  6. Select the speed- 33 or 45 RPMs.
  7. Plug in the turntable, and once it boots up, the illuminated control knob on the unit front will flash green, a sign it’s ready to connect to your network.
  8. Return to the app and select the plus button on top of the screen. You will see a list of all available devices, and choose the Victrola stream turntable.
  9. Connect the unit to your Wi-Fi network, connect the turntable to your Sono system, and choose your primary Sonos speaker or speaker group.
  10. Turn on the autoplay and stream your music!

There is always something you can do to achieve a better experience with your turntable. In this case, ensure you use high-quality records to optimize audio fidelity. Also, clean them regularly to remove dust that may contribute to surface noise.

Overall Impression About Victrola Stream Carbon Turntable?

The Stream Carbon turntable can deliver good sound. It’s also nice because it offers flexibility in terms of connectivity. However, it may have a slow start-up time due to the belt drive mechanism, which can be frustrating.


Simple setup, sleek look, effective cartridge, and supports wireless connectivity.


Odd dust cover, costly, and inconsistent speed.

Who Is It For?

Audiophiles and novices may find this turntable useful.

Buy Victrola Stream Carbon Turntable on Amazon
Buy Victrola Stream Carbon Turntable on Ebay

Final Verdict

Stream Carbon is a convenient, versatile, and fun way to listen to your vinyl collection through your Sonos ecosystem. But I am afraid you may experience some issues with the turntable, inconsistent motor speed and pitchy sound being among them if you don’t install it correctly.