If you own a turntable, chances are you will want to replace the platter mat at some point. The reasons for doing so can vary. It could be you want a platter mat that dampens vibration better, the one you have has worn out, or you just desire to enhance your system’s overall look. Whatever the reason, this article is for you. 

Where to Buy Platter Mats?

There are several platforms where you can purchase platter mats, including:


This is one of the most common online stores. It provides a broad range of mats from famous companies like Audio Technica, Pro-Ject, Acoustic Signature, and more. Whatever option you go for, an Amazon platter mat is sure to serve your turntable setup needs.


Etsy is another trusted platform that sells different mat designs. Most mats are cheap, but the expensive ones cost as much as $100. It all depends on the material used or the brand.

Origin Live

The company sells mats for its turntable models. This is an option to consider, especially if you want to upgrade your current mat.


eBay is yet another online store that features all kinds of mats to suit the needs of different vinyl enthusiasts. From cork to felt, rubber, leather, and silicone mats, you are likely to find your ideal platter mat.

Types of Platter Mats

Platter mats come in various forms and designs, each with unique features. Here are some common types:

  • Leather platter mat: As the name suggests, this mat is made of leather and dampens some sounds to ensure a good listening experience. This record platter mat is heavier in weight, soft, and offers an ideal playing base that’s easily removable after use. The mat is popular among audiophiles who love bass tones and warm sounds.   
  • Acrylic platter mat: This record player platter mat features a smooth surface that can decrease static electricity. It also reduces friction between the platter and the record, offering consistent speed. The acrylic mat is visually appealing and designed to dampen sound for improved playback.  
  • Cork platter mat: If you desire to optimize your record player’s sound quality, try a cork platter mat. It’s known to smoothen the contact between the platter and the record, so it’s super easy to detach. 
  • Rubber platter mat: The rubber turntable platter mat offers extra stability to your player and isolates the record to lessen vibrations which may affect sound quality. One major downside of this mat is that it produces a funny burnt smell after using it for a while.

The Platter Mats to Check Out

With numerous platter mats available on the market, you can easily get confused about selecting the right one. Check out some options that are worth looking at:

Merrill Scillia MS Platter Mat

The mat boasts a distinctive construction that blends materials like rubber, cork, or other ideal materials for effective damping. It decreases static electricity and resonance, as well as minimizes vibration to enhance the sound of your vinyl. The Merrill Scillia platter mat is compatible with many turntables, but confirm whether it’s suited for your specific model before purchasing. 

Rega Platter Mat

A product of Rega, this universal mat is made of wool and can be used on most turntables. It’s designed to enhance and optimize the sound quality of records. Rega mats are available in several vibrant colors, sure to give your turntable a sleek and bold appearance.  

Micro Seiki Platter Mat

If you own the vintage Micro Seiki turntable, then this platter mat might be ideal. These mats are known for their quality and performance, given they are created with high-grade materials to optimize playback. 

Soundeck PM Platter Mat

The Soundeck PM platter mat is designed to upgrade your current default mat. It’s made of non-magnetic aluminum with microns of polymer damping materials. The soundeck platter mat is relatively rigid and effectively damps unwanted vibration in the record system. In the end, you have better sound reproduction with minimal rumble.

Black Felt Turntable Platter Mat

Created using felt, this mat aims to provide a stable surface for records and ensure smooth rotation, eventually enhancing sound performance. It integrates anti-static features that help maintain vinyl.

Audio Technica LP-120 Platter Mat

Ideally, Audio-Technica doesn’t provide a specific mat for the AT-LP120 turntable. It usually comes with a felt mat, so the technics platter mat is designed by third-party manufacturers for users who would want a different mat to fit the turntable model. As such, the products are made from different materials like acrylic, cork, or leather, each providing unique sonic features and looks.

Origin Live Strata Platter Mat

This mat is a universal upgrade for all turntables. Whereas specific details related to the mat’s composition may differ, it essentially integrates layers of materials like rubber, cork, or acrylic. The Origin Live platter mat is known for smoothing out sound and firming things up. You may want to check an Origin Live platter mat review to learn more about its features and efficiency.

Pro-Ject: Leather It Platter Mat-Black

The Leather It platter mat is crafted to decrease static electricity, minimize record slips, and absorb resonances before getting to the record. This way, better sound is achieved. The black color option provides a sleek and contemporary appearance that can complement various turntable designs.

Funk Firm Achromat Platter Mat

Designed by Funk Firm, this mat’s surface replicates that of the record and features a complicated internal construction of microscopic tunnels. These quickly diffuse vibration energy into small heat amounts, leading to superb sound.

Final Verdict: Which Is the Best Turntable Platter Mat?

It’s quite hard to say for sure which is the best platter mat for your turntable. There are several factors to consider, including your system’s model, preferences, budget, etc. Even then, mats made of leather mat can be a good choice since they can keep vibrations away. An acrylic or cork platter mat isn’t bad, either. You can expect quality sound and steady support for your record. Rubber and felt mats may not be the best due to their lightweight and aren’t as effective at dampening vibrations as the others. When all is said and done, it’s up to you to select the platter you believe will meet your needs.