The Polytable Signature turntable by Gem Dandy promises to outperform other turntables in the market. It features a simple design with no fancy gimmicks, as it just focuses on excellent engineering to help deliver an unforgettable user experience. In this case, I review the unit’s features and performance to help you determine whether it’s worth it.

Gem Dandy Polytable Signature Turntable Overview

The Polytable turntable is a high-end unit designed and created by George E. Merill (Gem), an analog guru. Costing around $3,295, this turntable features a Sorane tonearm that should support any cartridge you purchase. 

There are two-speed options (33 1/3 and 45 rpms), which are changed manually. If you want to connect the turntable to external amps or receivers, the integrated RCA outputs will help you with that. Polytable also includes a two-piece decoupled platter system, which gives it a unique look. Users are generally pleased with this unit, often citing its stellar sound performance, solid build, and overall value. This makes it a top choice for advanced audiophiles.

Technical Specifications

The turntable has several features, which are highlighted below:

  • 2-speed (33 1/3 and 45 rpms)
  • Designed with Energy Management Technology
  • Sorane tonearm
  • Two-piece decoupled platter system with a bonded RCC mat
  • Oil well bearing
  • Adjustable leveling feet with built-in bubble level
  • Precision custom-manufactured motor
  • RCA outputs
  • No cartridge (you need to buy one)

I love that this turntable is well-designed. I am particularly impressed by the two-platter system. It maximizes energy absorption and damping to help the turntable generate clearer sound. And the best part? Both platters include Merrill’s Rubber Cork Compound (“RCC”) mats attached to the top surfaces. They provide a better grip on the record surface and ensure a more stable playback. So, I would choose them over felt mats any day.  The inclusion of Energy Management Technology is also commendable. This means that the turntable can optimize power usage and ensure efficient operation. It’s odd that the unit doesn’t come with a cartridge, though. This can inconvenience the user and make the whole setup more expensive.

Gem Dandy Polytable Signature Turntable Drive Mechanism

The belt-drive mechanism is used to operate this unit. In this system, the motor is located away from the platter and connected to it through a rubber belt. When you turn on the turntable, the motor spins, causing the belt and the platter to rotate simultaneously. This design aims to prevent motor vibrations from reaching the platter and the record so you can enjoy a good sound. One of the negative effects of a belt drive like this is the uneven wear of the main bearing since it meets forces from only a single direction, that of the motor.

Is the Gem Dandy Polytable Signature Turntable Automatic or Manual?

This turntable is entirely manual, which is pretty good news for purists who prefer to be fully immersed in the vinyl process. Unlike automatic versions that have automatic features to begin and stop playback, as well as move the tonearm, Polytable Signature’s case is different. You perform all these functions by hand. 

Manual cueing also enables you to place the tonearm correctly onto the desired track and decreases the risk of accidentally damaging the record or needle. However, it’s not all rosy with manual turntables. They need skill and practice, especially for new audiophiles, which may take time to develop.

Usability and Portability of Gem Dandy Polytable Signature Turntable

The Polytable Signature turntable offers a user-friendly experience, especially for seasoned audiophiles. However, newbies may encounter some challenges installing the tonearm and the cartridge. Balancing the tonearm, aligning the cartridge, and setting the tracking force can be nerve-wracking for first-timers. Fortunately, the manual provides simple assembly instructions with illustrative photos, simplifying the setup process even further.

From the design, it’s pretty clear that this deck is not portable. It’s better used in a stationary setup at home or any other preferred location. The overall build and components prioritize sound quality, stability, and precision over portability.

If you hoped you would use this unit on the go, then you will be disappointed. Transporting it regularly can be a hassle and risky to its shelf-life. In any case, you may want to look for other models specially designed for portability. They often feature a suitcase design with carry handles to make transportation easier and more convenient. 

Gem Dandy Polytable Signature Turntable Design & Build

As the famous adage goes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but I am confident you will also find Polytable irresistible as I did. Its simplified and nice look suits its streamlined operation, befitting both budding and more seasoned audiophiles. 

Gem Dandy prioritizes function over aesthetics, and that’s why the unit avoids fuss and frills. Polytable is made of plastic-like material, which makes it lightweight and able to minimize resonance.

The unit doesn’t look like other ordinary turntables. It features a two-piece decoupled platter system, and once it’s fully set up, it has a more substantial presence than most plinth-less turntables on the market. With its non-suspended design, Polytable comes with 3 adjustable feet that sit on energy-absorbing Sorbothane dampers. A bubble level is also included on the plinth to help with adjustments. Changing speeds entails lifting the top platter and moving the rubber belt from the upper sheave to the lower and vice versa, depending on the record format you want to play.

Connectivity & Sound Performance of Gem Dandy Polytable Signature Turntable: Great, but…

Standard RCA output connections are typically included to help users smoothly integrate with most preamps, amplifiers, or receivers with phono inputs. There are no modern connectivity options like USB and Bluetooth. Most entry-level units feature these functionalities, perhaps to make them more attractive to new vinyl enthusiasts.

Now, to the most important part: sound performance. You will be happy to hear that Polytable delivers great sound. Regardless of the music genre, this turntable faithfully produces each nuance, revealing rich detail and depth.

Vocals emerge with striking clarity and presence, capturing attention with unwavering confidence. It’s a listening experience that surpasses expectations and immerses you in the true essence of the music. In any case, Gem Dandy deserves to be applauded for a job well done and focusing more on what matters—excellent sound. After all, isn’t that the ultimate goal of this cherished hobby?

Main Technology Perks of Gem Dandy Polytable Signature Turntable

Polytable offers several technological features that enable it to deliver quality sound for audiophiles. As mentioned earlier, it uses the belt drive mechanism. This not only enables it to minimize motor vibrations but also ensures a smooth and consistent rotation, leading to better sound reproduction. 

You are also aware the unit integrates 3 isolation feet. In addition to offering stability, these legs isolate Polytable from external vibrations, further improving playback clarity. Moreover, energy management technology is included to effectively reduce unwanted resonances and vibrations within the unit and ensure you enjoy better quality sound.


The Polytable Signature turntable is a high-end unit, so it’s costly. You can buy it on eBay for $3,295. Since it doesn’t feature a cartridge, you have to spend more to get one.

How to Setup & Use Gem Dandy Polytable Signature Turntable?

The unit is easy to set up. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you complete the installation:

  1. Place the turntable on a stable, level surface and safely insert the thrust pad into the bearing. This reduces friction and ensures the platter rotates smoothly.
  2. Add 10 drops of oil provided on the oil-well bearing and place the lower platter.
  3. Install the belt and place the top platter.
  4. Assemble the tonearm and attach your choice cartridge to the front side of the tonearm.
  5. Attach the RCA cable and the power plug, and turn the turntable on.
  6. Place the record on the platter and gently place the tonearm on the record’s surface.
  7. Enjoy your music!

If you want a better experience with the turntable, consider utilizing extra vibration isolation solutions, such as a dedicated turntable stand. This prevents potential needle skipping, ensuring proper tracking of your groove. 

Over time, you can upgrade certain components of the unit’s setup, like the tonearm or cartridge, to improve the overall sound performance. Keeping the entire turntable clean is also important to maintain the best possible playback quality and extend the shelf-life of your records. Don’t ignore the acoustics of your listening room. You can use bass traps or acoustic panels to reduce reflections and enhance sound clarity.

Overall Impression About Gem Dandy Polytable Signature Turntable?

The Polytable turntable offers the ultimate vinyl experience thanks to its manual features and ability to deliver exceptional sound. Solidly constructed with high-quality materials, the unit ensures longevity and enduring performance. Excellence comes at a great cost, so the unit will cost you an arm and a leg.


The turntable’s advantages are summarized as follows:

  • It is easy to use for seasoned audiophiles
  • Features a sleek, minimalist design
  • Produces exceptional sound


Polytable’s drawbacks include:

  • It doesn’t come with a cartridge
  • Expensive
  • Limited connectivity options

Who Is It For?

This turntable is ideal for those who prioritize premium analog sound reproduction above everything else despite the investment required. 

Final Verdict

I highly recommend that you buy the Polytable turntable if you are an analog lover. You are sure to get value for money, given its exceptional sound quality. Every aspect of its construction is purposeful and meticulously engineered, so you get exactly what you’ve paid for. It stands in stark contrast to cheaper models that often compromise on quality and craftsmanship.