At a time when people are increasingly yearning to have the vintage vinyl experience, Victrola has been at the center stage in meeting this need through its record players. I have a special interest in one of its products, and that’s the Eastwood version. I want to see what it can do, so join me as I review it here.

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Victrola Eastwood Record Player Overview

The Victrola Eastwood record player is a versatile unit that integrates modern features with a classic aesthetic. Featuring dual Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream music from your tablet, phone, or Bluetooth-enabled speakers. The player also includes 3-speed options (33 1/3, 45, or 78 rpm), ensuring compatibility with different formats, from singles to LPs and older records. There are mixed reactions about the functionality of this device. While some are content with its simplicity, design and price, others express concern about the inefficiency of built-in speakers and the cheap materials used.

Technical Specifications

Features included are:

  • 3-speed (33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM) options
  • Audio Technica AT-3600LA cartridge
  • Removable dust cover 
  • Dual Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Built-in headphone jack 

I simply love the built-in headphone jack feature. It means you get to enjoy your collections privately without disturbing others, especially those who may not appreciate old-school music as much. The AT-3600LA cartridge is another thing Victrola has done right with this player. It’s from the well-respected Audio Technica, so you get to listen to music with better clarity. Although the buttons, faceplate, and knobs are made of plastic, their look is much similar to textured aluminum, which is nice as it enhances the device’s appearance.

Playing some records with the lid down may be challenging due to the compact nature of the player. Should you insist on covering the device during playback, you risk exposing your collection to accidental damage. Also, the tonearm lock is made of thin, cheap plastic; it can easily break.

Victrola Eastwood Record Player Drive Mechanism

Eastwood uses the belt-drive mechanism. In other words, the platter which plays the record is rotated by a belt attached to the motor. While I am not a fan of this system, the mechanism is said to offer smoother and quieter operation. It’s worth noting that belt drives have slower startup times than direct ones and are also susceptible to speed fluctuations due to belt slippage.

Is Victrola Eastwood Record Player Automatic or Manual?

This record player is manual. Therefore, it’s your duty to manually cue the tonearm when starting a track and when it finishes playing. This is in contrast to automatic players that do this work for you at the touch of a button.  

Usability and Portability of Victrola Eastwood Record Player

Eastwood comes assembled. Attaching the belt, fitting the cartridge, balancing the tonearm, or setting the tracking force is unnecessary. Great, right? It’s also intuitive, with knobs and buttons all clearly labeled, making operation easy and seamless.

In the conventional sense, the unit is not portable. Sure, it’s compact and can be carried from one location to another within a home. But Victrola has not designed it for regular travel or outdoor use like some battery-operated record players.

Victrola Eastwood Record Player Design & Build

I am impressed by Eastwood’s contemporary, sleek design, which makes it look expensive while it’s not. The smart finish is sure to brighten up your room and make it the main focus of any listening space. There are two 2W speakers housed at the front, with the Victrola logo appearing at the far end. The record player’s top surface is a bit crowded, in my opinion. In this case, I don’t think Victrola has achieved the minimalism it seems to have been going for. There are too many buttons and knobs in one place, and the base is just not wide enough.

Connectivity & Sound Performance of Victrola Eastwood Record Player : Challenging but…

The record player supports wired (AUX) and wireless (Bluetooth) connectivity. However, some users indicate that the built-in speakers are barely audible. Also, connecting it to the Bluetooth-enabled speakers is a little more unpredictable due to pairing challenges. Therefore, it’s advisable to connect the player through the headphone jack for a better listen.

Since the internal speakers are a letdown, they don’t bring out the bass well or do any justice to albums with nuance or depth. However, if you use the right equipment, you can get a decent performance from Eastwood, characterized by clean, clear and detailed sound, thanks to the cartridge. 

Notably, the record player sometimes doesn’t play fast enough, and artists’ voices can sound distorted, as indicated by concerned users.

Main Technology Perks of Victrola Eastwood Record Player

Bluetooth connectivity is definitely a good feature. However, Victrola needs to do something to fix it to work properly and provide the convenient wireless playback experience it hopes to achieve. The three-speed options are nice as they add to the player’s versatility. Not to mention the headphone jack that enables private listening.


You can get this record player at a cheap price of $75.85.

How to Setup & Use Victrola Eastwood Record Player?

The record player works straight out of the box, so there’s little you need to do to get it up and running:

  1. Take out the stylus cover and remove any packaging materials from the unit.
  2. Plug in the power cable and press the power button to turn the player on.
  3. Set the volume to the desired level.
  4. Gently put your record onto the center spindle and select the speed.
  5. Raise the cue lever to lift the tonearm from its support.
  6. Carefully place the tonearm on the edge of the record to start playing.
  7. Enjoy your music!

For a better experience with the player, ensure the cartridge is aligned correctly to prevent interference with sound production. Don’t play the device on just any surface. Find a sturdy, level base and place it there. You can even buy a table or stand, for that matter.

Overall Impression About Victrola Eastwood Record Player?

Eastwood may not be the greatest entry-level record player from Victrola, and for one main reason—it disappoints when it comes to sound performance. Yes, it looks fantastic, but that’s just not enough.


Bluetooth connectivity, stylish design, easy to use and set up, and cheap,


Weak and tiny speakers, records can easily be damaged through the dust cover, and challenges with Bluetooth pairing.

Who Is It For?

Eastwood is ideal for vinyl newcomers, fresh collectors, and audiophiles (not advanced ones, though).

Buy Victrola Eastwood Record on Amazon
Buy Victrola Eastwood Record on Ebay

Final Verdict

The record has some great features, the Audio Technica cart and dual Bluetooth connectivity being among them. The materials used, though cheap, are also nice and make the unit look presentable and sleek. But I am hugely disappointed by the sound performance. You will have to invest in some good equipment to enjoy your collection if you are to use this player.