Numark is one of the many brands that is trying to meet the recent surge in demand for turntables. The company boasts of creating products that have led the way for over 40 years. Today, I review one of its latest releases—the PT01 Touring turntable. My main goal is to gauge its sound quality, usability, design, and build, among other features. Join me to discover what I found out.  

Numark PT01 Touring Turntable Overview

The Numark PT01 Touring Turntable is a classically styled suitcase unit that enables users to listen to music on the go. It can play 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records and features built-in stereo speakers for convenient listening without requiring external speakers. The turntable also includes a USB port and downloadable EZ Vinyl/Tape conversion software to help digitize and archive your treasured vinyl collection. Generally, customer reviews praise the turntable for its sturdiness, portability, and battery power. Comments on sound quality and performance are, however, mixed.

Technical Specifications

The turntable has the following features:

  • 3-speed (33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM) 
  • USB port
  • EZ Vinyl/Tape conversion software included (Mac / PC) 
  • Rechargeable battery
  • RCA outputs 
  • Ceramic cartridge
  • 45 RPM Adapter
  • Felt Slipmat
  • Built-in speakers
  • Auto-stop feature

In my opinion, PT01 Touring is as basic as it gets. You have the usual RCA outputs for connecting the unit to external speakers or amplifiers. The built-in speakers are a nice feature at this price, but I am afraid they won’t blow your mind. The USB and EZ Vinyl/Tape conversion software are great additions, too. They not only give the unit a modern touch but also ensure you can digitize your records, store, and even share them online. There’s no counterbalance for the tonearm, which is a bummer. Without it, the needle can skip constantly and negatively affect your playback experience.

Numark PT01 Touring Turntable Drive Mechanism

This turntable uses the belt-drive mechanism. It essentially uses a rubber belt attached to the motor to spin the platter. As such, the belt transmits the motor’s rotational energy to the platter, enabling it to rotate at the stipulated speed. The mechanism seeks to minimize motor noise and ensure a smooth operation for better sound quality during playback. However, the belt-drive setup can sometimes experience speed fluctuations, especially when the belt stretches or ages over time. This can eventually lead to inconsistent playback speed and weaken audio quality.

Is the Numark PT01 Touring Turntable Automatic or Manual?

PT01 Touring is a semi-automatic turntable. For the unit to begin playing music, you must manually lift the tonearm to place it on the record surface and cue the needle onto it. However, an auto-stop feature causes the unit to stop spinning automatically when the stylus reaches the last groove, stopping playback. This prevents unnecessary wear on the record or stylus. The auto-stop is convenient, especially if you are not actively monitoring the playback.

Usability and Portability of Numark PT01 Touring Turntable

The turntable is user-friendly and requires minimal setup. The cartridge, tonearm, and belt come preinstalled, so you can easily navigate the unit. Simply make a few power and audio connections, and you are ready to start enjoying your vinyl. 

PT01 Touring was designed with portability in mind. First, it is enclosed in a rugged case featuring a carry handle to ensure you can listen to your records on the go. It also integrates a long-life rechargeable battery that can power your records for hours. This is particularly convenient when you are on the move and have no access to AC power.

Numark PT01 Touring Turntable Design & Build

Stylish and nice-looking are the terms I would use to describe this turntable’s overall appearance. Its sleek design is bound to appeal to anyone who sees it. The entire case and the base are black in color, with the Numark logo appearing at the far end of the unit’s surface just next to the volume/power knob. Unfortunately, the lack of other color options may disappoint users seeking more vibrant choices to match their personal style. You have double speaker grills on the front with a handle and lock between them. The material used is plastic and very light, so I am pretty convinced it won’t stand the test of time.

Connectivity & Sound Performance of Numark PT01 Touring Turntable: Plain, but…

The PT01 Touring turntable provides various connection options. One is the RCA output jack that enables you to connect the unit to external amplifiers or speakers utilizing RCA cables. You also have the headphone jack that connects to headphones, allowing you to listen to your collection privately. The unit doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity.

The sound that comes from this turntable is just plain; it doesn’t shock, nor does the efficiency earn awards. This might disappoint purists like me, who like to savor the details in our vinyl collections. Unsurprisingly, the subpar audio quality is common among turntables selling at this price point.  

Main Technology Perks of Numark PT01 Touring Turntable

You can easily connect the unit to a computer through the USB port and digitize your records for convenient playback on digital devices. The EZ Vinyl/Tape conversion software is another perk, as it enables you to archive your vinyl to your computer. Moreover, the inclusion of a long-life rechargeable battery means you can play records for hours without needing AC power.


PT01 Touring turntable is available for around $95, which is pretty affordable for vinyl enthusiasts on a budget.

How to Setup & Use Numark PT01 Touring Turntable?

Setting up this Touring turntable is pretty easy and involves the following process:

  1. Gently unpack the turntable and place it on a stable surface.
  2. Insert batteries into their compartment with positive poles toward the handle. Alternatively, you can use the power adapter at the back to connect the power input to a power outlet.
  3. Switch on the unit, place the record on the platter, and select the speed.
  4. Carefully place the tonearm onto the record to begin playback.
  5. Enjoy your music!

To have a better experience with the turntable, ensure you place it in a location that provides stability and isolation from vibrations. A dedicated turntable stand is a good option. Place the unit far from speakers (4-6 feet) to minimize potential acoustic feedback. Direct sunlight can overheat components or warp records, so keep the unit away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Always cover the turntable when not in use to prevent the accumulation of dust that might interfere with sound reproduction during playback.

Overall Impression About Numark PT01 Touring Turntable?

The unit looks stylish and has some nice features that can make your vinyl experience worthwhile. However, the sound performance may not be satisfactory for users looking for depth in music.


Easily portable, user-friendly, elegant-looking, USB port, and affordable.


Substandard sound performance and absence of counterweight.

Who Is It For?

This turntable is ideal for people who are beginning their vinyl journey and are on a budget.

Final Verdict

I think PT01 Touring is a decent turntable for beginners. It can perform the basic function of generating music from your precious vinyl collection, but that’s just it. When it comes to bringing out the details in your records, I am afraid you will be disappointed.