Musical Fidelity prides itself in investing what matters most in a turntable, and that’s music. The end goal? To make playing records enjoyable and addictive. At least, this is what the brand was going for when they designed the Roundtable turntable. Therefore, I review the unit to determine whether it has achieved this. 

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Musical Fidelity – Roundtable Turntable Overview

The Musical Fidelity Roundtable turntable seeks to give users a genuine taste of high-end audio. It comes with several features, including a 9-inch tonearm, pre-fitted cartridge, MDF platter, adjustable counterweight, a separately isolated DC motor, and more. Costing about $521, this unit is praised by customers for its pleasant sound and build quality. Common negative reviews mention issues with speed stability and motor noise.

Technical Specifications

These are the features the turntable provides:

  • Audio Technica AT-95e Cartridge
  • 9-Inch Tonearm
  • MDF Platter
  • Anti-Skate Mechanism 
  • Magnetic anti-skate mechanism
  • High-carbon tool steel bearing
  • 33/45 RPM with manual speed change
  • Adjustable counterweight

One of the interesting points I find in Roundtable is the AT-95e cartridge. It is produced by Audio Technica, a manufacturer celebrated for excellence in cart production. This inclusion enables the turntable to track your records well. 

Another intriguing feature is the tonearm. It’s not only robust and plastic-free but also features two adjustment screws on the base for arm height adjustment, making it more secure. The magnetic anti-skate mechanism is a plus, too, and allows you to use different cartridges you desire. The thought of an MDF platter is off-putting, though. I prefer alloy platters as they are heavier, so they have superior vibration-damping capabilities.

Musical Fidelity – Roundtable Turntable Drive Mechanism

This unit applies the belt-drive mechanism. In this setup, a rubber belt is used to isolate the motor from the platter to minimize vibration and motor noise for smoother playback of records. Unfortunately, user feedback suggests that this goal isn’t consistently met. Some report that you can still hear motor noise through the platter while the turntable is spinning.

Is Musical Fidelity – Roundtable Turntable Automatic or Manual?

Roundtable is manual in every sense of the word. It gives you full control over the playback process through its manual queueing feature. Rather than relying on automatic start/stop buttons to regulate tonearm movement, you initiate playback by manually placing the tonearm onto the record and returning it to rest post-playback. The speed setting process is also manual, requiring you to place the belt on the top pulley groove for 33RPM or on the bottom for 45RPM.

Usability and Portability of Musical Fidelity – Roundtable Turntable

The turntable is generally user-friendly. The setup process is a breeze, except when it comes to setting the track force, which can be pretty challenging for beginners. In any case, tonearm queueing and speed adjustment simplify the overall user experience.

I would say that the unit is not typically considered portable. Its weight, size, and fragile components make it impractical for regular transportation. In other words, Roundtable is designed for home use and other stationary setups.

Musical Fidelity – Roundtable Turntable Design & Build

In my opinion, the Roundtable turntable looks superb with its lively red chassis and glossy, smooth finish. The aesthetic conveys sophistication, catching the eye in any audio setup. The unit sits atop its feet with vibration-isolation characteristics, improving stability and reducing interference for pristine sound reproduction. The pickup arm is high-quality and normally used on units that are several price categories higher.

Connectivity & Sound Performance of Musical Fidelity – Roundtable Turntable: Nice, but..

Roundtable uses the conventional aux connection through its RCA output ports. This enables you to easily connect it to various amplifiers, audio systems, and receivers. Notably, the unit needs an amplifier with a dedicated phono stage, either built-in or provided as a separate phono amplifier unit. There are no modern connectivity options like Bluetooth or USB.

I am pleased that the unit sounds quite nice and solid. The bass amount is also decent compared to other entry-level tables. The good quality audio production can be attributed to the well-constructed tonearm and cartridge.

Main Technology Perks of Musical Fidelity – Roundtable Turntable

The high-quality Audio-Technica cartridge is one of this turntable’s most notable technological perks. It ensures proper tracking and sound reproduction. I also believe the vibration-isolating feet are a good addition. By isolating vibrations, they decrease interference and improve the overall sound quality.


You can get Roundtable at a moderate price of $521, balancing quality and affordability.

How to Setup & Use Musical Fidelity – Roundtable Turntable?

Here are the simple steps you need to complete to install the unit and start using it:

  1. After you unpack the turntable, place it on a stable surface.
  2. Attach the platter to the center spindle.
  3. The tonearm and cartridge come pre-installed, so they don’t need any adjustments.
  4. Fit the belt by holding it on the preferred pulley groove and passing it around the platter until it fully encompasses both. Turn the turntable clockwise several times to enable the belt to obtain an optimum position on the platter.
  5. Plug the power supply into the wall and the turntable.
  6. Loosen the screw on the counterweight and slide it halfway down the counterbalance support rod.
  7. Remove the felt mat temporarily and position the plastic stylus pressure gauge on the platter close to where the tonearm rests.
  8. Place the tonearm onto the pressure gauge while ensuring the needle on the gauge corresponds with the 20mN mark on the scale (equal to a tracking force of 2g).
  9. Set the counterweight so the gauge rests horizontally with the platter surface, and then tighten the counterweight screw without moving it.
  10. Set the anti-skate control by twisting the thumbscrew at its end and ensuring the pointer also indicates 2.0g.
  11. Remove the pressure gauge, return the platter mat and place the tonearm back in its rest.
  12. Place your record on the platter and connect it to an amplifier.
  13. You are good to go!

To have a good music experience with this turntable, keep the power wires and other cables far from the cartridge output leads. This minimizes electromagnetic interference, decreasing noise and distortion. Also, ensure your records are dust-free for better sound reproduction.

Overall Impression About Musical Fidelity – Roundtable Turntable?

Roundtable generally produces good sound and has a fantastic appearance. However, the belt-drive mechanism might not be as effective as expected, so you may have to deal with motor noise.


Great appearance, user-friendly, nice sound, and high-quality cartridge.


No Bluetooth/USB connectivity and possible motor noise.

Who Is It For?

The turntable can be used by newbies and audiophiles.

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Final Verdict

I am neither thrilled nor disappointed by this turntable. Therefore, I would give it an average score. Yes, it has some nice features that enable it to produce quality sound from your records. However, the MDF platter’s inability to effectively isolate vibrations and the presence of motor noise are a letdown. If you can ignore the imperfections, I think Roundtable is a decent starter machine for the price point.