LuguLake Vintage Looking record player is not just any ordinary player; it’s an artistic masterpiece made in China. But how does it fair when it comes to music delivery? This is a common question on the minds of most vinyl fans when they want to purchase a record player. Fortunately, my review addresses this subject and more, providing insights to help you make an informed decision on whether to buy the unit or not.

LuguLake Vintage Looking Record Player Overview

Developed by LuguLake, this Vintage Looking Record Player seeks to bring the romantic old days back. With its flower-shaped pure copper horn, the record player oozes sophistication and captures the dramatic essence of listening to music in a classic style. The unit also boasts modern functionality by supporting Bluetooth connectivity and the recording of vinyl to digital format through a USB port. Full-range stereo built-in speakers are featured as well to provide immersive sound quality.

You can get this Vintage Looking record player for $275 on Amazon, although the price might differ on other platforms. Customer reviews are generally positive, with most praising the unit for its sound quality, ease of use, and great appearance. However, others are dissatisfied with the size and inefficiency of some of the components.  

Technical Specifications

The technical specs of this player include:

  • 2-Speed (33/45RPM)
  • Bluetooth/USB input
  • Support remote control and panel control
  • Belt drive and flower-shaped pure copper horn
  • Built-in speakers
  • 45 RPM Adapter
  • 3.5mm AUX cable
  • Replaceable ruby stylus 
  • Built-in preamp
  • Cartridge: LuguLake MM
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB port

Let me begin by saying that the integration of Bluetooth in this classic player is a good move. It provides versatility in audio playback options. I also love the convenience of a remote control as it enables users to fine-tune settings from a distance. The built-in preamp eliminates the need for an external preamplifier, which means users can comfortably listen to music from the player itself.

Unfortunately, the ruby stylus is a no for me; I prefer those made with diamonds as they are more durable and offer better tracking. On the brighter side, the stylus is replaceable, so you can always substitute it with a higher-quality one.

LuguLake Vintage Looking Record Player Drive Mechanism

The LuguLake Vintage Looking record player is typically belt-driven. This is where a rubber belt is used to connect the motor to the platter. By indirectly spinning the platter, the belt ensures less vibration noise reaches your record for smoother sound production. The main downside of this mechanism is that it may exhibit slightly less speed stability than direct drives.  

Is LuguLake Vintage Looking Record Player Automatic or Manual?

This unit is fully manual. Therefore, you need to place the tonearm onto the record at the start of playback and lift it off after the music stops playing. This is in contrast to automatic players, which feature mechanisms that control the movement of the tonearm without the user’s input. While such features offer convenience, I am not a fan. I feel they rob you of the chance to have that immersive vinyl experience.

Usability and Portability of LuguLake Vintage Looking Record Player

The record player’s ease of use is one of the characteristics that make it appealing to users. Almost everything is preinstalled at the factory, so there’s little for you to do when it comes to setup. Navigating the other features (e.g., panel and remote control, speed, etc) is also straightforward.

I think LuguLake is quite large and heavy to be considered portable. Moving around with it can be hectic and inconvenient for any user. It has no features like carry handles or protective covering for easing regular transportation or safeguarding its components. Therefore, it’s ideal for stationary setups whether at home, in the office, at a hotel, or in a yoga room.

LuguLake Vintage Looking Record Player Design & Build

I love this unit’s overall appearance. It has a charming retro design that can enhance any space’s look. Featuring vintage-inspired details like decorative metal accents and a fabric speaker grille, the record player radiates timeless elegance. The flower-shaped horn not only makes it stand out but also adds a touch of fancy. The base is made of solid wood that offers stability to the entire unit and keeps vibrations off for an enhanced music experience.

Connectivity & Sound Performance of LuguLake Vintage Looking Record Player: Decent, but…

LuguLake has an aux input that enables you to stream music from your devices. Bluetooth connectivity is also available. This means you can stream your music to other compatible gadgets like smartphones, tablets, iPods, etc., without wires. A USB port is provided to convert your vinyl to digital formats.

The sound performance can be described as decent but not extraordinary. In fact, I think it won’t satisfy critical listeners. Even though the sound is clear, it lacks depth, making it bassless. The player can get pretty loud, though.

Main Technology Perks of LuguLake Vintage Looking Record Player

One of the obvious technological perks of this record player is the inclusion of Bluetooth functionality. This means users can listen to their favorite records on their gadgets through wireless streaming. The other advantage is the integration of stereo speakers, so users don’t have to rely on external ones to listen to music from the player.


LuguLake is available for $275.

How to Setup & Use LuguLake Vintage Looking Record Player?

This record player is essentially a plug-and-play device, so it’s easy to set up. Follow the few steps below to get started:

  1. Remove the unit and its components from the package and place it on a level surface.
  2. Plug the power cord into a power outlet and switch on the power button.
  3. Gently place your vinyl on the platter.
  4. Lift the tonearm and carefully place the needle onto the record’s outer edge to start playing.
  5. Adjust the volume control as desired.

You can improve your vinyl listening experience by ensuring your records are dust-free whenever you play them. Placing the record player on vibrant-resistant furniture is also essential to keep vibrations from interfering with your music. Consider using a grounding cable to eliminate that irritating low-frequency hum that may creep in when the player is not properly grounded. Last, but not least, remember to keep the device away from direct sunlight and heat sources to protect your records from warping.

Overall Impression About LuguLake Vintage Looking Record Player?

The record player’s gorgeous retro design sets it apart from others and adds a decorative element to different settings. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t expect much in terms of sound performance at this price point.


Stylish vintage design, easy to use, Bluetooth connectivity, and built-in preamp.


Unsatisfactory sound performance.

Who Is It For?

Both newbies and audiophiles can use this player comfortably.

Final Verdict

I would be lying if I said I didn’t like this record player. From its vintage design to the modern functionality and budget-friendly price, the unit can definitely attract the attention of any vinyl enthusiast. The sound is also okay, but can put off users looking for a device that can bring out the details in their records.