Truth be told. There’s something refreshing about playing a vinyl record that you cannot get from a music app on your mobile phone. So, as you look for a record player to experience the nostalgic tech of yesteryear, you may want to consider the Electrohome Montrose vinyl record player. I assess it in detail here so you can determine if it has the qualities you want.

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Buy Electrohome Montrose Vinyl Record Player on Ebay

Electrohome Montrose Vinyl Record Player Overview

Electrohome Montrose is a chic, classic vinyl record player that seeks to offer users a sentimental music experience. Priced at only $99.99, the device is acclaimed for its user-friendly interface and good sound performance. However, some customers note that external speakers might be necessary for optimal sound quality.

Technical Specifications

These are some of the features that make up the record player:

  • Audio-Technica diamond-tipped stylus
  • Pre-installed audio-Technica AT3600L Cartridge
  • 45 RPM Adapter
  • RCA Cable with Ground Wire
  • Built-in switchable phono preamp
  • Wood plinth
  • Adjustable counterweight
  • Auto-stop

The wood plinth is pretty solid and does a good job of reducing environmental vibrations to provide you with a warm, resonance-free sound. I like the idea of the pre-mounted cartridge. Not only does it contribute to the user-friendliness of the device, but also allows you to upgrade to a higher-performance cartridge later for a better music experience.

The platter’s player is made of thin plastic, but at least you can cover it with a felt mat, which is part of the package. It’s also light, as expected of an offering with a cheap price tag. However, I am a little disappointed with the buttons and switches, which seem like entry-level players and don’t have the fit and finish of a higher-end device.

Electrohome Montrose Vinyl Record Player Drive Mechanism

The type of drive mechanism a record player uses is a great deal to me. I often prefer a direct drive where the motor revolves the platter directly, offering a more precise and stable rotation. So, I am not a huge fan of the belt-driven mechanism, which, sadly, is included in this record player.

In this system, the motor is wrapped around the spindle using a rubber belt, which hugs the platter and spins it like a pulley. My concern with the belt-driven mechanism is that it has a slower start-up time than the direct drive and is unable to maintain a constant speed. 

Is Electrohome Montrose Vinyl Record Player Automatic or Manual?

Despite being a fan of record players that feature the manual mode, I don’t mind this vinyl player being semi-automatic. In addition to giving you an interactive experience playing your records, its auto-stop function ensures the tonearm returns to its resting position after the music stops playing. You may particularly find this feature useful when you just want to listen to records non-stop without lifting a finger.

Usability and Portability of Electrohome Montrose Vinyl Record Player

In terms of usability, it seems Electrohome wants to keep things simple. That’s why the cartridge is preinstalled; you just remove the protective cover and slide the counterweight onto the tonearm. 

The built-in switchable phono preamp also adds to the player’s simplicity. It converts and magnifies the signal to line level, making it possible for the device’s turntable to be played via speakers without extra components. The vinyl record player weighs 7.23 pounds (3.28 kg), so you can easily move it to different settings and play your collections at your convenience.

Electrohome Montrose Vinyl Record Player Design & Build

Honestly, this record player looks fantastic. I really like the retro aesthetic characterized by the MDF enclosure with a teak wood veneer. This takes me back to the ’70s and ’80s AV players and components with wood panels.

Apart from using wood to create the record player, Electrohome has also used plastic on some components (e.g., the platter). Interestingly, the tonearm, made of aluminum, is paired with a diamond-tipped needle known for its durability and accurate sound.

Connectivity & Sound Performance of Electrohome Montrose Vinyl Record Player. Quite decent, but

Electrohome Montrose vinyl record player has an AUX connection that allows you to connect to music through physical media. The vendor implies that this port doesn’t interfere with your collection’s signal, so you can hear every note as the artist intended. It’s important to note that Electrohome offers a wireless version of this player that supports bluetooth music streaming. 

I am yet to be convinced that the device produces great sound after learning that it doesn’t have built-in speakers. A good number of customers have even complained about this issue, with some claiming they can hardly hear music when using it. This is a bit disappointing and inconvenient, especially if you just want a standalone player.

Main Technology Perks of Electrohome Montrose Vinyl Record Player

I think the inclusion of a replaceable cartridge and adjustable counterweight is good. It gives you the chance to upgrade to a higher-performance cartridge as you dig deeper into your vinyl journey. I also believe that the conical shape of the stylus is a plus, given it can last longer than an elliptical stylus.


The record player is available for $99.99, making it a budget-friendly option for beginners. 

How to Setup & Use Electrohome Montrose Vinyl Record Player?

Setting up the device is straightforward and includes the following process:

  1. Choose a stable surface and place the record player there.
  2. Open the player’s lid and check whether the tonearm is secured by the tonearm lock.
  3. Ensure the counterweight is aligned to the end tonearm by gently pushing it onto the tonearm until it clicks two times.
  4. Spin the counterweight anticlockwise to set the tracking force to 3 grams.
  5. Put the felt mat on the platter.
  6. Turn on the preamp switch, connect RCA cables to audio outputs, and power the systems up.
  7. Place your record on the spindle, select your preferred speed, and play.
  8. That’s it!

Ensure that you keep the record player at a safe distance from the external speaker to prevent interference with the music sound from your vinyl record. Another thing, always confirm that the player is set at the right speed for the record you are playing for a better listening experience.

Overall Impression about Electrohome Montrose Vinyl Record Player?

I bet you will appreciate the player’s vintage design; it’s exceptional, and the build quality is surprisingly solid for a player in this price range.


Electrohome Montrose vinyl record player is easy to use and set up, looks nice, is price-friendly, and is lightweight for easy portability.


The lack of built-in speakers is a concern, as this can make it hard for you to hear your records audibly if you don’t have external speakers. The use of the belt-driven mechanism is also a disadvantage.

Who is it for?

I believe this record player is ideal for newbies looking to dip a toe into the vinyl without spending much money.

Buy Electrohome Montrose Vinyl Record Player on Amazon
Buy Electrohome Montrose Vinyl Record Player on Ebay

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Electrohome Montrose record player would make a great first system for a novice. It can also be appealing to individuals who desire a compact setup that sounds nice and isn’t complex. However, I have a problem with the belt-driven mechanism. As I said earlier, it’s not the best and may interfere with your vinyl experience due to slower start-up time.