Exploring the Crosley Cruiser, a portable vinyl turntable that caught my eye with its briefcase-style design and promise of the warm sound of vinyl on the go. Let’s dive into the details.

Drive System: Belt Drive

The Crosley Cruiser operates on a Belt Drive system, offering a reliable and smooth rotation for vinyl records. While not audiophile-grade, it provides an accessible entry point for those new to the vinyl world.

Automatic or Manual Turntable?

This turntable leans towards simplicity with a manual operation, allowing users to engage directly with the vinyl experience. The lack of automatic features adds a touch of nostalgia and involvement in the music-listening process.

Crosley Cruiser Usability

Designed for the novice, the Crosley Cruiser embraces simplicity. Unpack, plug in, and you’re ready to enjoy your vinyl collection. While lacking advanced features, it caters to those who seek a hassle-free introduction to vinyl playback.

Crosley Cruiser Portability

True to its name, the Cruiser excels in portability. Constructed with lightweight materials and a briefcase design, it’s an ideal companion for vinyl enthusiasts on the move. Take your vinyl experience wherever you go, from friends’ houses to impromptu gatherings.

Crosley Cruiser Bluetooth Connectivity?

One notable absence is Bluetooth connectivity. The Crosley Cruiser sticks to the basics, focusing on the vinyl experience without integrating modern wireless features. Also it already has pretty good in-built speakers, covering your basic needs A conscious choice for those who prefer a more traditional approach.

Crosley Cruiser Budget

Priced around £60, the Crosley Cruiser fits comfortably into the budget-friendly category. It offers an affordable entry point for those curious about vinyl, providing a taste of the experience without a hefty financial commitment.

Overall Expression on Crosley Cruiser

The Crosley Cruiser presents a charming blend of affordability and functionality. Its briefcase design adds a retro flair, making it more than just a turntable but a statement piece for vinyl enthusiasts exploring the hobby.

Who Will It Fit Better

This turntable is a perfect starter option for beginners and younger enthusiasts exploring the world of vinyl. It suits those in smaller living spaces and casual listeners who don’t demand high volume. However, for seasoned audiophiles or serious collectors, it might fall short of expectations.

Crosley Cruiser Overall Summary

The Crosley Cruiser serves as a modest entry point into the vinyl realm, offering a portable and visually appealing solution. While it may lack some advanced features, its budget-friendly nature and ease of use make it an attractive choice for those testing the waters.

Pros and Cons of Crosley Cruiser Briefcase Portable Vinyl Record Player


  • Affordable entry into vinyl
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Simple setup for beginners
  • Charming retro aesthetics


  • Manual operation
  • Lack of advanced features like Bluetooth
  • Sound quality is basic, not ideal for audiophiles
  • Build quality is reasonable but not top-tier