Crosley is among the many brands that have capitalized on the recent vinyl comeback by strategically positioning its turntables on the market. And the Brio Shelf System Natural turntable is a good case in point. It’s relatively cheap, so questions about its quality may be inevitable. I have decided to review the unit to gauge its overall efficiency and performance.

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Crosley Brio Shelf System Natural Turntable Overview

The Crosley Brio Shelf System Natural turntable provides a convenient option for music fans who want to enjoy vinyl records and digital media in one package. Featuring the traditional AUX input and Bluetooth connectivity, the turntable ensures you can stream your music whichever way you want. The unit is also cheap at $135.13 only, making it easily accessible to beginners. Reviews from customers suggest a mixed reception. Some users love its design, simplicity, and compact design, while others have complained about short stylus life and audio quality.

Technical Specifications

The turntable comes with these features:

  • 3 speed: 33 1/3, 45, and 75 RPMs
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • RCA outputs
  • Bluetooth-compatible dual speakers
  • Clear dust cover
  • 45 RPM Adapter
  • Power Adapter
  • Auto stop function

I like the 3-speed feature as it can accommodate different record formats. I am a bit surprised that the dual speakers are part of the package at this price. This is nice, considering some expensive units don’t come with such speakers.

You get a lever to raise and lower the tonearm. That’s great. However, the tonearm is relatively delicate and poorly constructed (no counterbalance), which can negatively affect record tracking. There’s no anti-skating, and the downforce could be a bit excessive. Some customers are also concerned that the stylus could be damaged easily.

Crosley Brio Shelf System Natural Turntable Drive Mechanism

Brio is driven by the belt mechanism. This means that a belt attached to the motor spins the platter upon which the record sits. The setup hopes to make the turntable as noiseless as possible for users to enjoy their music. But there are some setbacks you can expect with belt drives. One is slower start-up times compared to direct drives. The other one is inconsistency with motor speed, especially if the motor quality is in question.

Is Crosley Brio Shelf System Natural Turntable Automatic or Manual?

The turntable is semi-automatic, catering to the preferences of purists and those looking for convenience and a modern touch. Like I have said before, placing the tonearm on the record yourself and returning it is a good experience as it allows you to actively participate in the playback process. Unlike fully manual turntables, Brio has an auto-stop function that stops the platter from rotating once the record ends. This is a great feature, too. You won’t have to worry about the stylus damaging the record at the end of playback, especially if you are busy with other activities.

Usability and Portability of Crosley Brio Shelf System Natural Turntable

I think that part of the attraction of the Brio turntable is that it’s truly a plug-and-play setup for any person who’s just starting the vinyl journey. No setting up the belt, balancing the tonearm, or installing the cartridge. All there is to do is install some plugs, turn it on, and cue the tonearm for you to start enjoying your collection.

Brio is very light. Weighing 8.8 pounds (or 4.0 kg) means you can effortlessly carry it around. However, it’s not necessarily perceived to be portable since it’s designed as a shelf-system. This indicates that it’s meant to be placed on a stable place like a shelf or tabletop for stationary use.

Crosley Brio Shelf System Natural Turntable Design & Build

This unit just looks amazing. The chassis, which is made of wood, has a natural finish that evokes a cool Scandinavian aesthetic. I also like the minimalist design, as it adds a touch of sophistication to the turntable. However, the materials used to construct the turntable feel a bit cheap, lacking the premium feel expected in higher-end models. This is not surprising at this price bracket.

Connectivity & Sound Performance of Crosley Brio Shelf System Natural Turntable: Fairly Good, but…

Brio provides various connectivity options to suit traditional and contemporary audio setups. It includes aux input and output ports, allowing you to connect it to external audio equipment like amplifiers or speakers for improved sound customization. You also have the alternative of using Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly stream music from your smartphone or compatible dual speakers that come with the turntable. The sound performance of this turntable is fairly good but not the best. The cheap stylus and the tonearm limit its potential to bring out the details of your records.

Main Technology Perks of Crosley Brio Shelf System Natural Turntable

One of the obvious technological perks of this unit is Bluetooth connectivity, which offers the convenience of wireless streaming. Another advantage is the inclusion of the auto-stop function. By automatically stopping the platter from spinning after record playback, the feature ensures your collection is protected from potential damage.


You can get Brio at a friendly price of $135.13.

How to Setup & Use Crosley Brio Shelf System Natural Turntable?

Brio is ready to go right out of the box, so only a few steps are needed to get started. Here’s what is involved:

  1. Put the unit on a flat, stable surface.
  2. Take out the wrap that holds the tonearm.
  3. Connect the AC adaptor to the turntable’s power jack.
  4. Connect the 3.5mm aux cable to play music through its speakers.
  5. To connect the stereo system, use speaker jacks. The red plug is for the right channel, while the white one is for the left channel.
  6. Rotate the on/off volume knob to turn on the turntable and set the speed using the provided switch.
  7. Place your record on the platter and remove the stylus guard.
  8. Release the tonearm Hold Down Clip.
  9. Use the lever to lift the tonearm and gently place it over the record.
  10. When you put the lever back to the down position, the tonearm will descend slowly onto the record and start playing.

If you want to have a better listening experience with this turntable, keep it away from vibrations. Also, always handle your records carefully by holding them by the edges to avoid scratches and damage. Last but not least, place the unit and Bluetooth-enabled devices strategically to maximize signal strength and minimize interference.

Overall Impression About Crosley Brio Shelf System Natural Turntable?

Brio provides a cost-effective way to listen to records, either using the old-fashioned audio setup or Bluetooth. It also looks great. However, the quality of sound may not impress advanced audiophiles.


Plug-and-play setup, Bluetooth connectivity, price-friendly, and auto-stop function.


Cheap materials and subpar sound quality.

Who Is It For?

Mostly ideal for beginner vinyl enthusiasts and audiophiles on a tight budget.

Buy Crosley Brio Shelf System Natural Turntable on Amazon
Buy Crosley Brio Shelf System Natural Turntable on Ebay

Final Verdict

The Brio turntable is one of the least expensive turntables I have come across. The general design is on point, and so are the versatile connectivity options. But when it comes to what matters most—sound—I find it lacking. The use of cheap materials for the tonearm and stylus seems to compromise the overall sound experience.