Are you a fan of the legendary and iconic Carlos Santana? Well, you’re in luck! In this article entitled “Best Santana Vinyl Records & Albums to Buy,” we will take you on a journey through his extensive and diverse discography, exploring albums such as the remarkable and magical “Abraxas”, which features the timeless hit “Black Magic Woman”. Discover where to buy these vinyl gems and learn some fascinating details about Santana’s career, like the fact that he has won a staggering ten Grammy Awards and three Latin Grammy Awards! So, get ready to immerse yourself in the electrifying world of Santana’s fusion of rock, Latin, and jazz music, all on beautiful vinyl records.

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The Greatest Santana Vinyl Records for Sale

Full Santana Discography

  1. Santana (1969)
  2. Abraxas (1970)
  3. Santana III (1971)
  4. Caravanserai (1972)
  5. Welcome (1973)
  6. Lotus (1974)
  7. Borboletta (1974)
  8. Amigos (1976)
  9. Festival (1977)
  10. Moonflower (1977)
  11. Inner Secrets (1978)
  12. Oneness: Silver Dreams – Golden Reality (1979)
  13. Marathon (1979)
  14. Zebop! (1981)
  15. Shango (1982)
  16. Beyond Appearances (1985)
  17. Freedom (1987)
  18. Spirits Dancing in the Flesh (1990)
  19. Milagro (1992)
  20. Supernatural (1999)
  21. Shaman (2002)
  22. All That I Am (2005)
  23. Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time (2010)
  24. Shape Shifter (2012)
  25. Corazón (2014)
  26. Santana IV (2016)
  27. Africa Speaks (2019)

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