Formed in 1964, The Who has had an illustrious and powerful career in the rock music industry, with over 100 million albums sold worldwide. Their exhilarating and innovative sound, a mixture of powerful riffs, thundering drums, and operatic narratives, has captured the hearts of millions. For those who particularly appreciate the warmth and depth of vinyl records, this article will delve into the best of The Who’s vinyl albums like the legendary “Quadrophenia,” released in 1973, and the iconic “Who’s Next,” which became a milestone in the band’s career. Moreover, you’ll find the ideal places to purchase these magnificent albums and explore the band’s full discography. Get ready to uncover the most riveting facts and immerse yourself in the all-time classics of The Who’s vinyl records.

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The Greatest The Who Vinyl Records for Sale

My Generation The Who album vinyl record

Released in 1965

The debut album of The Who is a true classic featuring tracks like “My Generation,” “The Kids Are Alright,” and “A Legal Matter.” My Generation album launched The Who as one of the pioneers of the British Invasion and remains a crucial part of any vinyl collection.

A Quick One The Who album vinyl record

Released in 1966

“A Quick One” is The Who’s sophomore effort, known for its distinct sound and the mini-opera “A Quick One, While He’s Away.” The album also includes hits like “Boris the Spider” and “So Sad About Us.” This album is a must-have for any vinyl enthusiast and The Who fan.

The Who Sell Out The Who album vinyl record

Released in 1967

The third studio album by The Who, “The Who Sell Out,” is a concept album that mimics a pirate radio broadcast. The album features memorable tracks like “I Can See for Miles” and “Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand.” This creative album takes you on a journey through The Who’s early career and is essential for any vinyl collector.

TOMMY The Who album vinyl record

Released in 1969

“TOMMY” is The Who’s groundbreaking rock opera that tells the story of a deaf, dumb, and blind boy who becomes a pinball champion and spiritual leader. With iconic tracks such as “Pinball Wizard,” “See Me, Feel Me,” and “Acid Queen,” TOMMY is a timeless classic that belongs in any vinyl collection.

Live at Leeds The Who album vinyl record

Released in 1970

Often hailed as one of the best live albums of all time, “Live at Leeds” captures the raw energy and power of The Who in their prime. This live album includes powerful performances of songs like “Substitute,” “My Generation,” and “Magic Bus.” A must-have for any vinyl collector and The Who fan.

Who’s Next The Who album vinyl record

Released in 1971

“Who’s Next” is one of The Who’s most revered albums, featuring iconic tracks like “Baba O’Riley,” “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” and “Behind Blue Eyes.” The album showcases their experimentation with synthesizers and their powerful songwriting, making it a quintessential part of any vinyl collection.

Quadrophenia The Who album vinyl record

Released in 1973

“Quadrophenia,” another exceptional rock opera by The Who, tells the story of a young mod named Jimmy and his journey of self-discovery. The album includes classic tracks like “The Real Me,” “5:15,” and “Love, Reign o’er Me.” A must-have for any vinyl enthusiast looking to delve deeper into The Who’s discography.

Odds & Sods The Who album vinyl record

Released in 1974

This compilation of rare tracks and B-sides includes songs recorded between 1964 and 1973. With songs like “Long Live Rock,” “Pure and Easy,” and “Now I’m a Farmer,” “Odds & Sods” is a fascinating look into the lesser-known side of The Who’s impressive discography. A must-have for collectors and fans alike.

Full The Who Discography

  1. My Generation (1965)
  2. A Quick One (1966)
  3. The Who Sell Out (1967)
  4. TOMMY (1969)
  5. Live at Leeds (1970)
  6. Who’s Next (1971)
  7. Quadrophenia (1973)
  8. Odds & Sods (1974)
  9. The Who by Numbers (1975)
  10. Who Are You (1978)
  11. The Kids Are Alright (1979)
  12. Quadrophenia – Music from the Soundtrack of The Who Film (1979)
  13. Face Dances (1981)
  14. It’s Hard (1982)
  15. Who’s Missing (1985)
  16. Two’s Missing (1987)
  17. Join Together – Live – Boxset (1990)
  18. Thirty Years of Maximum R n B (1994)
  19. Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970 (1996)
  20. BBC Sessions (2000)
  21. My Generation – The Very Best of The Who (2000)
  22. Ultimate Collection (2002)
  23. Encore Series (2002)
  24. Encore Series 2004 (2004)
  25. Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2004)
  26. Endless Wire (2006)
  27. Greatest Hits (2009)
  28. Quadrophenia – Live in London (2014)
  29. WHO (2019)